Server installation & Maintenance



A reliable server gives businesses the opportunity to streamline operations such as sharing the documents and enable employees and associates to focus on revenue-producing work. Eltoma offers installation maintenance and upgrades of business computer networks. Companies that do not have security in their offices, or have the space to hold a free standing rack will hugely benefit from using our server installation & maintenance services.

Any company must comply with data protection laws as per the location of their jurisdiction. Using our service will in turn save a small business huge costs and will give peace of mind with scalability to expand alongside the growth of the company.

Our corporate network benefits:

• Cost-effective
• Allows wireless shareable data
• Multi-department network access
• Single shared data transfer rate (DTR)
• Share license agreements for networks

Product Features

• Confidential service
• Private internet connection
• You own your server
• Server hardware and security equipment is provided by you or us upon request

Product Support

• Personalised customer support
• Live assistance
• Flexible communication channels including phone, email and Skype
• We organise the rack installation of the server and internet connection on your behalf


500 EUR / 380 GBP / 560 USD per Month/1U of Rack Space
100 EUR / 75 GBP / 110 USD Rack Installation

(Price does not include hardware or internet connection costs)