Remote Server Support Services



If you consider your website to be an asset to your business, or even if you store important company documentation online, then a reliable server is the most important element in order to ensure utmost security and timely access to these assets.

The server forms one of the crucial pillars of any company. Regardless of the company’s expertise, if the server is down, then clients cannot access these services, and the business stops. As you can see, the functioning of your company really does depend on the reliability and timely resolution of all server-related issues.

Here at Eltoma IT, we take pride in preventing such situations, ensuring that nothing comes in the way of providing the business with an intensive remote server management service. We provide a holistic approach to server support for all types of businesses – whether it be a small start-up or large corporation. We enable the business connection to a remote server, supporting it all the way, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year.

Our Remote Server Management Solution Offer Includes the Following:

• Set-up and connection to the required remote servers.

We provide powerful connection management that allows you to be completely in charge of your server’s functionality. If you cannot connect your PC, Linux or Mac to your remote server, contact us and we will resolve all issues with immediate effect.

• Remote Server Monitoring & Troubleshooting.

We proactively monitor your operation critical servers around the clock; manage and troubleshoot potential issues; not only resolving any issues as they arise, but also preventing problems before they happen.

• Encryption Protection.

We conduct regularly scheduled Virus Sweeps; deploy application and OS patches; and encrypt data to protect it from any hostile activities. We also establish key file authentication support for third party SSH servers.

• Custom Hardware Configuration & Programming.

We provide customised hardware configuration & development to suits your business requirements: our end goal is to ensure your servers work exactly how you would like them to, not otherwise. We offer full synchronisation between users in order to edit and merge or sync support for files.

• Personalised Customer Support.

We offer quality management services and around-the-clock personalised client support. Our team is available to answer any queries or troubleshoot any issues for you 24-7. We provide live assistance and full support of web servers, intranets, email servers, databases and domain name services.

• Backups & Data Recovery

As a part of our Remote Server Management solution package, we maintain servers in the event of any emergencies. This is our back-up plan: when all else fails, we can still restore your servers and ensure your files are secure and restored accordingly.

• Quality Guaranteed

We provide outstandingly managed IT services and sustain our support using industry leading Service Level Agreements. Contact us to receive your quotation so we can start protecting your server today.

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