KPI Suite


Business management software

KPI Suite is an easy to use software system, providing functionality required to define, track and manage all of your company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI)


• Decrease in time spent by the HR department.
• Increase in staff motivation and sense of accomplishment through individual KPI analysis.
• Reduction of the time for KPI analysis due to automation of the “manual” data capture and input process.
• Increase of control through continual and dynamic evaluation of current indictors.
• Project organisation is enhanced through the use of integrated project management tools.
• Clarification of future planning and business projections.

Key Features:

• Performance management of all departments within a company with appropriate divisions according to key objectives.
• Notification of potential critical situations.
• System of motivationing personnel based on KPI achievements.
• A powerful built-in mathematical tool for workforce related calculations.
• Built-in data integration tool for any structured electronic data (databases, ERP, Excel, etc).
• Data visualisation toolbox.
• Access to information stored in the system is determined in accordance with present user roles.

Why customers Kpi Suite!

whyOur company implemented the KPI Suite business management and monitoring system aiming to set up the management system based on the Balanced Scorecard which includes components such as:


• KPI calculation system
• Target chart
• Corporate Structure
• Dashboards for managers and employees to analyse their personal KPI achievements


And honestly, the implementation process took a surprisingly short period of time.


M.A. Khivintsev
Chief Executive Officer at Sotmarket Company

whyThe implementation of KPI Suite gave our company a great opportunity to trace the key indicators of effectiveness throughout all company departments, as well budget administration and organising the incentive scheme for the staff.


All these factors significantly enhanced the quality of the company’s management system.


Andrey Karpin
Development Director at GK Baiman

whyKPI Suite software attracted us both by its simplicity and perfect performance.


Selection was made in favour of KPI Suite, based on its cost efficiency and task implementation speed.


We plan to continue our successful collaboration with KPI Suite suppliers and to integrate KPI Suite with the rest of our company’s information systems.


Dmitry Smirnov
Chief Expert at RusHydro