Cloud Server Set Up and Maintenance



Eltoma’s IT specialists can setup cloud servers. These are virtual servers which run on a cloud computing environment. Cloud servers probably are the most stable, fast and secure means of holding and sharing data within a company, they do not suffer from common server hardware problems. The most desirable, purpose-built virtualisation provides the highest stability, performance and security.

Below are the key benefits of using Eltoma’s cloud servers:

• Scalability & flexibility: extra space can be accessed as and when required and will grow with your business
• Cost-effective: whilst being available when required, clients only pay for the space they are using a particular time
• Easy set up: Our cloud servers do not require any lengthy initial setup. After installation you can be actively using the service on the same day
• Reliability: due to the number of available servers, if there are any issues with one, the resource can be effectively shifted to ensure all projects are unaffected

Product Support

• Personalised customer support
• Live assistance
• Flexible communication channels including phone, email and Skype


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