The time and cost of Seo optimization promotion is determined individually for each site, after the preliminary comprehensive audit.
Factors affecting the timing and cost of the website optimization services:

  • Topic of the resource, its competitiveness;
  • Age of the site, its “credibility” for search engines;
  • The state of the resource at the beginning of the work, as a consequence — the complexity and duration of the initial optimization of the site;
  • The complexity and number of keywords;
  • The competition level of keywords promoted site in search engines;
  • Desired result: the output of the TOP-10, top-5 or TOP-3;
  • Quality of content (content) of the resource, its size and the uniqueness;
  • History of promotion of the resource (moved the site earlier, there was an exchange of links, have there been indexing, you did not get the filters, etc.).


Generally, countdown timing of a planned position begins only after the optimisation has taken place. To display the website in the TOP-10 takes approximately:

  • Low-frequency queries: 3 weeks.
  • Mid-frequency queries from 1.5 months.
  • High-frequency queries: from 3 months.

The first results of the optimiser’s work are noticeable only a couple of weeks after the indexing has been completed with all recommendations!

The age of the website increases or reduces the time of achieving the result by about 1-2 months.

How much do Seo services cost?

The low cost of Seo services in the company Eltoma Corporate Services is based on the competitive analysis of the SEO market and is average. In addition, for regular customers the system of bonuses, giving the chance to receive various discounts. The Agency ensures that payment for the promotion will be made only for the actual finding of the site for the selected positions.

Regardless of the amount of the contract, the cost of search engine optimization and Seo includes:

  • A comprehensive audit of the site.
  • A selection of keywords (the semantic core).
  • General work on optimisation.
  • Copywriting – creating new, unique content for promoted pages (all text is written by our professional copywriters, specialising in various business areas).
  • Free bonus key requirements.

Eltoma Corporate Services is an affordable SEO service company.

The cost of website content optimisation and promotion is always calculated individually, fairly and depends on several factors:

  • The number of key queries.
  • The competitiveness of the required keywords.
  • Keyword frequency (the ratio of high-, medium – and low-frequency queries).

We have a number of low cost SEO packages

For the minimum package, the client receives a promotion in the combined semantic core, consisting of 20 low frequency and 10 midrange of the queries in the most competitive category.

The average package promotion more effective. As a result, after a month after the optimization is displayed in the top about 20% of queries of medium contract subjects. Moreover, after five or six months about 80% of keywords will always be in the TOP 10 of leading search engines. Thereafter, to retain the achieved level, continuous monitoring, and adjustment if necessary.

These amounts are comparable to the average salary of a sales Manager. However, the vast majority of cases, the promotion brings much more sales than the average sales Manager.
It should be noted that the amount of the advance payment always consists of a fixed part and a bonus payment was achieved. Fixed payment is made in the first stage, the promotion stage, website optimization for search engines (usually, this stage lasts at least three months). The calculation of the bonus payment is made for each word and its position in the search engines