Custom website design



An organisation with no web presence is archaic. Having a website has now become as important as having a phone and fax machine for a business. In this global age of business owning a website establishes your presence as a professional organisation. All customers and clients expect businesses to have their own website, it helps legitimise businesses and provide security and peace of mind for clients. If your business does not have a website this may communicate a lack of professionalism and seriousness.

A website is one of the premier marketing tools and builds brand and product awareness. A website can provide information about a company, the services and products that it offers along with being a cheap and effective way to reach a huge potential market. It can also save money in the long run by reducing your print costs as information can be accessed directly from the internet.

Due to the global nature of business a website can also help expand your market and reach potential customers beyond national and international boundaries; it enables the company stay in touch with its existing customers and advise them of new products and services.

Eltoma can produce a professional website in a short timescale ensuring that all content is edited for context and meaning, vetted for accuracy and proofed for grammatical errors. By using a reliable, professional provider that can deliver specialised, high quality services a company can improve its corporate image and professional standing in today’s global business environment.


• Personalised customer support
• Live assistance
• Flexible communication channels including phone, email and Skype


500 EUR / 380 GBP / 560 USD – Website design / Domain name / 1 years website hosting
100 EUR / 75 GBP / 110 USD – 1 years website maintenance fee (for any updates to website that are required within the year to a total of 3 hours)
50 EUR / 40 GBP / 55 USD – Setup CPanel access (allows client to access a website management area)

Each subsequent year:

100 EUR / 75 GBP / 110 USD – Website maintenance fee (for any updates to website that are required within the year to a total of 3 hours)
50 EUR / 40 GBP / 55 USD – 1 years website hosting (with CPanel account only if requested by the client)
20 EUR / 15 GBP / 23 USD – Domain name renewal (for .com and .net domain names only, for other types of domain name there will be an additional charge)