Corporate Computer Security Systems



 We can assist with:

• Security system selection
• Installation and maintenance
• Training
• Future security system upgrades

A company’s business strategies, trade secrets or confidential client data is extremely valuable to further the expansion, development and revenue production of an organisation. In the current digital age as more business processes move online, the more important it is that data is protected against hackers, and malware such as viruses or spyware. In the event that your company data has been compromised, we can limit the damage and limit the resultant loss of reputation that may occur, with our on hand technical support.

A high level of computer security will protect your computer systems and data from unwanted costly problems and downtime. Eltoma will assist you to select security systems which are right for your organisation and the way you operate. We will provide full setup, maintenance and training to keep your all company computers, devices and network protected, enabling you to have peace of mind that all your company’s digital operations are safe and secure.


• Personalised customer support
• Live assistance
• Flexible communication channels including phone, email and Skype


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